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Multi-Variant Learning

A short introduction on how ANYONE can easily scale a business from 0 to 10K in months by following a proven and tested learning platform.

Andy Mai presents a short video on how to start and succeed with your online business!

1. Freedom - say NO to the 9-5 rat race

2. Opportunity - NOW is the best time to start

3. ​Machinery - Magnificent and proven BLUEPRINT

4. Automation - Copy & Paste System

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Each program is tailored fit according to your needs.
Proven blueprint, strategies and approach that will work best for you! From mindset,
marketing and creating a brand.
We have it ALL for YOU!

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We are committed to bring you SUCCESS!

Students are our TOP priority! We offer a student-centered program that is designed to ensure real-time and updated programs tailored to your needs. Excellent customer Service to answer all your queries and organize structure to keep everything aligned.

Satisfaction Guarantee

This is our way to ensure a complete satisfaction in our personalize mentorship program, if you follow along and apply all strategies on the blueprint yet you don't get the full result that you are looking for, you may refer to our refund policy.

Safety and Technology

Every student has their own login details based on the mentorship program they choose. Our system is well maintained and privacy is always a TOP priority.All Information provided by the member is kept confidential and is protected with an encryption to maintain trust and confidence.

Success Stories

Jatiin Khurana

Another one of my recent students who has managed to absolutely kill it in the e-com game. jatiin tried dropshipping a few months ago when lockdown started and he just wasn't able to crack the code. shortly after joining my course, been given the blueprint and kpi's and pushed to try harder, jatiin has managed to make over $20,000 in his first month of opening his shopify store, of which almost 30% is profit, straight into his pocket. he has been following the kpi's and guidelines defined in my course, and the team and i have just been pushing him and motivating him to continue working hard each and every day.

Ishaan Jain

Before joining us, ishaan lacked motivation to start getting on track with his stores. everything was disorganized, from his stores to his attitude. he had the skill and knowledge, but needed someone to motivate and push him in the right direction. following my dropshipping blueprint, ishaan managed to change his mindset and launch his store, making $10,000 in his first month of shopify dropshipping.

Ryan Le

Ryan is a new student who has joined us a little more than 3 months ago. knowing nothing about dropshipping, besides the few youtube videos, he joined me and my team to help him start and grow his online shopify dropshipping store. not only did we help him make over $20,000 with his dropshipping store, but he's also joined the community and has been working alongside everyone in the team, fulfilling his journey and reaching his goals.

Sachin Behera

Sachin knew a bit when it came to shopify dropshipping. his prior experience and hours of learning content online contributed to his dropshipping knowledge. he went through all the ups and downs, and had to face lots of very unique problems, especially with indian tax laws. he's managed to make over $25,000 in revenue and turn his life around. from grinding his life away for a very small income, to turning over thousands of dollars in profit and being able to make more than a salary would make him in a year.


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